The Pregional

The Pregional (Pre-Regional) is an event our team holds every year since 2009. Each season, between the build season and the Israeli regional, we hold the Pregional- a whole night full of practice matches which simulates a competition for all of the Israeli teams which built a second robot. Teams from all over the country come to the event, for a robotics all-nighter.

The event has improved from year to year, and we are proud to say that 18 teams took part in the last event (2016 season- FIRST Stronghold), and over 30 teams came to watch, learn, cheer, and have fun.

We see great importance in holding this event, as a way to help ourselves and other teams prepare for the regional. We’re happy to have the opportunity to help promote team to higher levels of readiness.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.