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The Pregional

The Pregional (Pre-Regional) is an event our team holds every year since 2009. Each season, between the build season and the Israeli regional, we hold the Pregional - a whole night full of practice matches which simulates a competition for all of the Israeli teams which built a second robot. Teams from all over the country come to the event, for a robotics all-nighter.

The event has improved from year to year, and we are proud to say that 22 teams took part in the last event (FIRST Charged Up - 2023), and over 24 teams came to watch, learn, cheer, and have fun.

We see great importance in holding this event, as a way to help ourselves and other teams prepare for the regional. We’re happy to have the opportunity to help promote team to higher levels of readiness.



The Israeli Off-Season Event (IOS) is an event our team co-organizes alongside other Israeli teams since 2008. Each off-season, we hold the Israeli Off-Season Event, Teams from all over the country come together and compete in the competition-like event.

The IOS allows all Israeli teams to experience what a typical FRC competition is like, and better prepare for the season. We believe the event brings together the FRC community in Israel, and acts as a great learning experience for new and experienced team members, that helps them evolve and improve as a team.


Events During Covid-19

During Covid-19, Our Team wanted to make sure first israel was still developing evolving.
To do so, we organized 4 different off season events on a distrtrict event level:

- Orbit Infinite Restart #1 - In Binyamina, Israel.
- Orbit Infinite Restart #1 - In Binyamina, Israel. 

- Radioactive Rumble - In Dimona, Israel.

- Jerusalem Off-Season - In Jerusalem, Israel.

These events served as a lifeline for many FRC teams who were on the verge of switching to FTC, or even shut down completely, due to Covid-19 and the lack of FIRST activity caused by it.

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