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Our Vision

Orbit 1690 strives to be a leading team in the world by exhibiting good performance in competitions, improving its team members and keeping its values

We are committed to fulfilling our vision through hard work and diligence, documentation and conservation of existing knowledge within the team, while passing the knowledge to new team members. We will transform the team into a framework that allows and requires each team member to bring forth their best and strongest capabilities while learning, creating, and enjoying their work. Each team member is committed to carry out their role and tasks in a professional way. We will promote personal development of each member of the team, preparing technical and managerial areas in the future, industry exposure, teamwork and the fields - STEM among the youth. Along the way we'll be sure to fairness and courtesy toward team members and to all those who come into contact with the group. Help other groups and members of a group that needs help.


Orbit's values



Will to help



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