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Who Are We?

We are the FLL team ORBIT from Ort Binyamina, Israel

We are a hard working team from the 9th grade.

Our team has 10 Members,
2 Supporters and
one Mentor.

We are sponsored by the Israeli Ministry of Science, Domino's Pizza and Hermon Laboratories. 

Our 2017 Awards

Haifa Regional

1st place Strategy and innovation

2nd place Programming

Qualification to the Israeli finals

Israeli Regional Championship

1st place Teamwork

2nd place Robot Game

Qualification to the International Open Championship 

International Open Championship

3rd place Robot Game

Our Robot

General Description:

Our robot has 2 front driving EV3 Large Motors and a back supporting wheel.

Also, the robot has 2 EV3 Medium Motors at the top that allow for quick placement of the arm system.

The robot is made up so that it can move fast enough while being tough and sturdy.


-2 EV3 Light Sensors - To follow and detect black lines.

-1 EV3 Light Sensor - Each attachment has it's own unique color which allows the robot to automatically start the requested program.

-1 EV3 Gyro Sensor - For accurate driving and turning.

Programming Examples

This program is used to straighten on lines using two EV3 Light Sensors. 

This program will help the robot to be more trustworthy during the given operation.

This program is used to drive straight using the Lego EV3 Gyro Sensor.

The program fixes the motor's defects and makes the robot more accurate.

Our Project

The problem we are trying to solve is the problem of animals tipping over trash cans and spilling trash giving animals diseases and injuries on city streets and making the streets an unclean environment.

The solution to the probem that we discovered is a product that prevents the trash can from falling over by attaching on to the handle of the bin which prevents the bin from falling in any way, however still being able to be detached. 

Our Contribution to the Community

Our contribution to the community was exposing preschool chldren to the world of robotics and technology by teaching them about mechanical systems and different functions of sensors. we showed them a few robots that demonstrate the capabilities of the basic robotics.

Spirit remains"

"Robots change

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